CU111.1 WEEK 3

This week was quite an interesting week in my opinion, although I was abesent from the class I read through the slides/tuts provided by SAE it touched based on copywriter laws. One of the most crucial copy write laws in my opinion i listed below:

How do creatives copywrite there own work?

One should copy write each work they have created posted, etc to fall within the copy write guidelines. Ideas, concepts etc do not fall under the category of copy write. One should Copy write their own work as each has an expiry date but a long one at that. This protects you from people taking you images and placing them into their own medium.

After reading the overview of week 3 I noticed that not every law in each country is the same. If one would consider moving overseas for there job one would have to overlook that nations law.

Drafting contracts within the field of your choice (mine being animation)ensures that your team members have an understanding of what they can and can’t do on your project. For example the ‘Game Development Services Agreement’ or the ‘Design & Commission Agreement’ which I feel falls under the hat of animation.


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