CU111.1 Week 4

CU111.1 topic at hand this week was rather insightful. The overview of our lecture was that of the interview process.

It is important to remember that no employer settles on your portfolio alone. Many factors are taken into consideration and are evaluated over the course of one and or many interviews. Like any job one must be punctual ensuring that they have made it to the said interview on time this creates a trusting approach. Time/ punctuation is significant is my current job as I currently run a bar without supervision. Without my punctual timing  the company could potentially run into problems and this is related to many creative industries as many periods you can work alone.

Personality and organisation is another key factor when being interviewed for a promising job. Although job interviews can be scary it is also a way to break through your own personal barriers in my opinion. Even if one is nervous showing a interest, excitement for the project can be promising for future employment.

Organisation is a fine point within the creative industries. If you are not organised with your portfolios, web based portfolios etc. Make sure you portfolio is placed together correctly to ensure a greater reception as even with the best of works, designs, drawings etc. Your job opportunities could fall short due to poor presentation. I can be akin to this as many of my works have fallen short to these basics principles.

Other things to take into account are:

Does this person have a firm understanding of the current position?

Is this person fully engaged during the interview process?

Be personable.

Ask Questions.

Looking back on my pervious jobs I haven’t experienced the near professionalism which would be considered in such type jobs. This in turn making me unprepared for the future in this industry.  Learning about these very techniques will help comfort and guide me2 throughout the future examination.


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