CU111.1 WEEK 5 Inclusive Design

This week in CU111.1 was the week of Inclusive Design. This broadens the discussion into culture, race, age, sex/gender, impairments such as visual, hearing impairments and others that have disabilities.

Inclusive design allows for your potential idea/s to ensure a larger audience can be in tune to your project/s put in place by your employer. One or many may be aiming for a target audience. This is in turn is known as cultural appropriation. This is a subject that brings to question for me ideologies of some.

From taking the Harvard test on racism test in class it was clear to see the social bias that does impact some. Meaning some people have grown up around a certain culture and have learned from family, friends etc.

Some ideologies of others. I feel that this is attributed to the lack of education, little media awareness etc. These views lead us blind from the people we see and possibly ourselves. One judgemental view of others will not help our society grow and by having an general understanding of everyone around as is needed.

We need to take into account that everyone has been bought up with that of different cultures and their view on others, unlike themselves could be skewed, if not researched properly. For example creating a certain character in the work place such as a female. In past and the present female characters are often sexualised with the signature big bust and tiny waste. We need to change, that beginning said males have falling under this umbrella to. Also in some of the works produced today, animations has some racial stereotypes that have been depicted. It is sad that these are these ‘ideologies’ of both of the past and present.


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