Our final blog before our study break was focusing on the wonders of social media to advance and help launch a potential career in your chosen field. This is always a powerful tool to use to reach outsiders you perhaps could not.

In this current world it is essential to have some sort of stamp in the interactive world. If you look around you everyone is on some device/ smartphone. Why not have you work shown so conveniently that with just a click of a button it can be view in the palm of that persons hand.

Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, tumblr etc are a great start to get your works out into the world as the prove popular in this day and age. I can account for it as I currently use both Instagram and tumblr to showcase my work. I have had a positive response and I have gained new connections due to these mediums. I have yet to be commissioned for a work but I feel that is based on my motivation with organising myself. This is something I have to work on. As a creative it is very easy for me to fall behind and I need to seriously consider strategies to combat this. I have considered writing a list of things to do for that day and tick off throughout the day and work my way up from there.

At one stage in my life I was tattooing and managing that very tattoo parlour. It was very important to daily update our Facebook and Instagram accounts as on of our main sources of income was thanks to social media. Without that platform on a business end it could of finically harmed the parlour. l look back at my time there and throughout that duration I gained new friends whom I know I could get into contact with in the future.

As outlined above it is important to keep in tune the ever so quickly changing world. Staying up to date will always impress future employers and having an understanding of the social medium platforms will advance your artwork.


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